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Canvas Protection Systems : Windwalls

Canvas windwall structures are vital to winterizing field operations.
Steel windwall construction is another form of winterization for inclement weather conditions.
Canvas windwall winterization methods are essential in contributing to a productive environment in frigid locations.
Canvas Windwalls

Provides a natural insulation barrier between the elements

CRG Boiler Systems custom flame resistant (FR) type vinyl canvas windwalls provides ultimate protection from a variety of weather conditions. CRG utilizes top of the line tarp material in multiple colors and weights. CRG's experienced personnel will measure each individual component allowing the customer to specify locations such as, windows, roll doors, cutouts and t-splits. All edges on windows, doors etc. are reinforced with heavy duty webbing to insure durability and a premier custom fit.


Steel Windwalls

Arctic grade protection

CRG designs steel windwalls mainly for drilling rigs that are facing the harsh and brutal elements of winter. These conditions are commonly found in oilfields of Alaska and Russia. The steel windwalls are designed to withstand excessive winds, heavy snow and are intended for rigs that will be on location for extended periods.