CRG Industrial / Commercial Boiler Systems

Scotch Marine, Vertical, Water Tube & Hurst Solid Fuel boiler products

CRG Boiler Systems have worked with many groups of customers, such as, engineering firms, mechanical / general conractors and end users. Our products are operating within four major markets, such as, commercial, industrial, agriculture and the energy sector world wide.

CRG Boiler Systems Firetube Scotch Marine boiler designs for professional and industrial grade applications.
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CRG Boiler Systems can suppply vertical boiler systems.
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CRG Boiler Systems can also deliver large application water tube boiler systems.
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CRG Boiler Systems can install efficient biomass and solid fuel boiler combinations.
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CRG line of fire tube boilers are available in many configurations. We have a series of 2 and 3 pass dryback boilers and a series of 3 and 4 wetback boilers. New to the line up to Scotch marine boilers is the 250 semi wetback boiler. The vertical line of vertical boiler consists of the new VIX tube type boiler and the standard tubeless vertical boiler format. CRG diverse line of fire tube boilers we can offer a product to fit your hot water and steam boilers needs. Scotch Boilers Vertical Boilers

Water Tube Boilers

Water Tube systems providing ranges of pressure from 6,900 to 300,000 PSPH

Water Tube boiler configurations are available in "A", "O" and "D" type designs. Water Tube applications can deliver full steam rapidly and maintain a smaller operational footprint. Water Tube Boilers

Hurst Solid Fuel / Biomass Boiler Systems

CRG supplies the full line of hurst solid fuel , biomass boiler systems

The line of Hurst Biomass applications are proven to be cost effective and yield a return in initial capital investment. The biomass features reveal benefits within the green eco-friendly specifications, as well as minimizing waste. Among other features Hurst Biomass delivers improvements in operational energy management and Biomass emissions. Solid Fuel / Biomass Boilers