CRG Boiler Systems

CRG embraces the use of Computer Aided Drafting Technology

CRG Boiler Systems specializes in complete packaged systems to meet your heating applications & boiler related equipment needs.
Boiler Houses are built to maintain a quality control environment & rigid structure for boiler encasement purposes.
Boiler Room installations which includes boilers and their peripherals.
CRG Drafting Technology

CRG expertise maintains the capability of Computer Aided Drafting technology for engineer driven projects.

CRG throughout the years has recognized the critical importance of computer aided drafting technology. CRG enlists the services of well trained and highly educated personnel to augment the overall project scope and deliverabilty to our customers. Our draftsman work within any 3D modeling environment from programs such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit and other similar high-end drafting software.


CRG is no stranger to rigourous seismic load bearing and other criteria driven by the extremes of artic "rated" engineered structures and equipment.


With use of CAD, CRG is able to model projects and produce blueprint drawings that can intergrate with our customer's end design, thereby permitting full project models to be rendered. CRG can produce concept models, as well as completed project "as-built" drawings. With our teams working together we can provide a final product to meet job specific requirements.