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CRG Boiler Systems Firetube Scotch Marine

Servicing industries since 1984

C.R.G. Electric , Inc. was founded by Charlie and Frances Grisham in 1984. Specializing in the electrical designs and services for oil field applications throughout the domestic and foreign markets. In 1997 the company shifted its focus to packaging winterization equipment for the drilling industry. Currently the company is expanding its efforts to establish a presence in the commercial sector of boiler and heating equipment.



Wetback and Dryback boiler systems are available through CRG Boiler Systems.

Quality products and customer satisfaction

The mission of CRG Boiler Systems is to establish long term business partnerships with our customers, by delivering value added services, asset protection solutions, climate controlled solutions that contribute to improved employee work environments and industry wide heating applications. We believe our creed exemplifies that value is manifested in meeting the needs of our customers and we are therefore committed to providing a service that exceeds the customer's expectations, all the while, supplying customer flagship level services.

CRG Boiler Systems

Rich Global Experience

1984 - Founded by Charles and Frances Grisham as an
oilfield electrical services company

1990 - Started Winterization of rigs in Russia

1997 - Started packaging boilers and designing steam
heating systems

2000 - International Commercial Market was started to service a wider customer base including South America

2009 - Began focusing on prisons, schools, hotels and hospitals

2012 Began producing the Dragon Fire Hot AIr Units, added a building dubbed the "Dragon Cave" for final assembly and fire testing

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