CRG Boiler Systems

Engineered Enclosures

CRG Boiler Systems designs and fabricates equipment enclosures.
CRG Boiler Systems designs and fabricates boiler houses, generator skids and change houses.
CRG Boiler Systems designs and fabricates dog houses and pump rooms.
Enclosure Design & Fabrication

CRG develops engineered packaged systems and has what it takes to design and fabricate any enclosure!

CRG Boiler Systems offers complete custom fabrication for you next enclosure. CRG takes great pride in the construction of our enclosures. These enclosures are built and delivered to our customers meeting and often exceeding their expectations.

CRG offers full design and fabrication services for a multitude of equipment enclosures as well as customer specified designs. Boiler houses, generator skids, change houses and pump rooms are a few examples of our products. Through maximizing our material preparation facility, more so than ever before, CRG has experienced exceptional material control, yielding the production capability of generating more custom options and reducing lead times for our customers.