CRG Boiler Systems

Packaged Winterization Systems

CRG Boiler Systems distributes Hazloc heaters.
CRG Boiler Systems designs custom canvas windwalls.
CRG Boiler Systems designs and fabricates suitcases, utility enclosures, housing electrical and other utilities.
CRG Boiler Systems designs and builds hose transitions for heat distribution and inventories insulated blower hose.
Winterization Systems

Custom Winterization Packages

CRG Boiler Systems is a turnkey company offering you a total solution. We are experienced with providing  winterization solutions for many different industries including land/offshore drilling, chemical plants, and power plants. Our services and products can be found across the globe.

There are many products involved with winterization, perhaps you simply need a pump package enclosed. CRG provides many solutions such as skid mounted enclosures and electric heat. Or perhaps you need a metal roof system and framework with canvas windwalls. Beyond custom enclosures, CRG Boiler systems provides full boiler house packages and steam systems from traditional permanent installations to completely mobile suitcase systems. If steam is not your style, CRG also provides industrial grade primary heating source in the way of hot air units complete with rigid ducting systems to simple hose and transition systems. If you only need a single component or a full winterization package, CRG provides a full spectrum of products that can be customized to meet and exceed the specifications required for your project.