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Steam Systems : Suitcases

CRG Boiler Systems fabricates suitcase products.
CRG Boiler Systems fabricates combination and utility suitcase products.
CRG Boiler Systems engineers and custom fabricates combination suitcases through computer aided design.
Suitcases / Utility Enclosures

Housing electrical and all other required utilities...

Suitcase is a commonly known term that refers to the modular enclosures that house all the required utilities to run the rig, such as electrical, fuel, air, steam and condensate return pipe. These enclosures can be used to supply interim utilities during a plant expansion project. Some examples of Industries that benefit by utilizing suitcases are the oil and gas production companies, chemical plants and power generation facilities. CRG has the staff and experience to provide a custom utility enclosure to fit your operation.

Suitcases / Hot Air / Steam Combination

When you demand simply the best...

Typical industrial configurations utilize steam as primary heat and often include a hot air system for a backup. CRG has combined these two sub systems into one stream lined set of enclosures greatly reducing the footprint required to operate a primary and secondary heating source. An additional benefit by combining both the steam and hot air system, is that it increases each others' efficiencies. These suitcases are designed to allow you the best supply of heat for your job. These combination suitcases are lined with high quality insulation minimizing heat loss in the most extreme environments. These modular enclosures are designed to be disassembled for mobility and storage.