CRG Boiler Systems

Hot Air Systems : Rigid Ducting / Transitions & Hose

CRG Boiler systems installs hot air ducting components.
CRG Boiler Systems fabricates specialized transitions for equal heat distribution.
Hot Air hose transitions are developed of arctic grade material & can withstand the roughest of conditions.

CRG Boiler Systems fabricates custom rigid ducting for better utilization of your air heaters

CRG engineers and fabricates custom rigid hot air ducting for use with industrial and commercial grade hot air units. The use of rigid ducting helps minimalize heat loss and provides improved performance and higher efficiency from the hot air unit. CRG's ducting systems is not an off the shelf product and is custom fabricated for each project.

Transitions & Hose

CRG's hose & transition packages

CRG designs and builds complete hose transitions and hose packages for any of your heat distribution needs. We build transition packages to meet your specifications while accommodating any new or existing structures and layouts. CRG stocks an arctic grade insulation hose and common sizes and lengths.