CRG Boiler Systems

Steam Systems : Piping & Accessories

Steam piping is essential to transfer heat distribution.
Steam piping is also designed to integrate with combination suitcases.
HAZLOC heaters are accessories for steam product lines.
Code Spools / Piping

CRG Boiler Systems is a certified pressure piping fabricator

CRG provides the services of design, fabrication and installation of high and low pressure piping associated with fired and unfired pressure vessels. If you need a code spool or a complete steam and condensate return system, CRG is certified and has the experience to get the job done. CRG is a current holder of an "S", "U" and "R" stamp, issued by ASME and The National Board of Pressure Vessels.

Piping Accessories

Steam hoses, pipe insulation and fittings...

Steam Hoses: CRG Boiler Systems stocks various sizes and lengths of top quality stainless steel and rubber steam hoses.

Pipe Insulation: CRG Boiler provides and installs piping and panel board insulation, which creates great thermal performance value to help maximize control of heat loss, reduce operating cost and greater energy savings. CRG also adds a safety valve in areas where employees are in close proximity to steam piping for safety purposes.

Fittings: CRG Boiler System stocks a variety of valves and traps for piping systems, providing complete steam piping design layouts for both oilfield and industrial applications.